Nadya Suleman's amasing family. And her 14 children.


Having 14 children. It's so much fun.
It's 14 times more fun than just having one.
Having 14 children. It's so much joy.
It's 7 times more joy than having two you enjoy.
If there's a hard work- we know us.
Like the other hard work this too shall pass.

Having 14 children. You might agree
It's almost 5 times more laughter than just having three.
Having 14 children to open the door
It's more than 3 times more Birthday gifts
Than having only four.

Having 14 children. It's like being in Heaven
With twice as much happiness
Than in the Heaven Seven.

All 14 will get so much love.
Every one of them.
Their 13 brothers and sisters
Are always there for them.

They came into this world. And it's a good place.
They'll be adding to it's beauty at their own pace.
And Mommy knows- they are safe and alright.
Everyone is unique, strong and kind and bright.

Image courtesy of wardomatic

I wrote this for Nadya Suleman who gave birth to 8 babies on January 26, 2009 in California when having 6 other children aged 2 to 7 at that time.

2009 Rina Riney.


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  2. may want to go back to school.
    If there's a hard work we know that supposed to be a sentence...and other hard work this shall pass...this bitch is going to find out 14 kids most of whom are and will be disabled...that hard work will never end. She should take down her begging website and get a job....